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I am finally uploading my updated makeup routine, this has been a highly requested video specially now that I have changed to vegan, cruelty free, and allergy friendly products. If I am honest with you I have struggled finding hypoallergenic makeup friendly products since I was a teen.

Every time I had an eczema flare up or I reacted to makeup products, my skin will get irritated so quickly that even washing my face was painful. Now imagine being bullied for reacting to makeup, seriously now that I look back at my school years they were the most difficult ones as I grew up thinking that being different was ugly. I had the lowest self-esteem and I had no idea how to speak up about an autoimmune condition THAT MADE ME COMPLETELY NORMAL, yet to the eyes of others that thankfully didn’t suffer it I wasn’t.

It wasn’t until this year that I learned about my soy allergy, which I believe I have had for a while, yet it wasn’t properly diagnosed. I changed makeup products every time I reacted, but I never really took the time to understand why I kept getting eczema flare ups, swollen eyelids and irritated skin.

Even after I was diagnosed with a soy allergy, I kept using my makeup products and I kept getting reactions, so I took my time to go through all the labels to find out that a lot of the makeup and beauty products I owned had soy and wheat. I didn’t wear makeup for over four months, as I was struggling to find products that will not make me react. I took time to heal my skin from the worst eczema flare ups I have had in years and once it healed I started investigating about organic cruelty free & vegan makeup products. To my surprise, there are not that many makeup products without soy and as much as I would love to try all the new palettes and cruelty free makeup variety I know that is not my case.

When you have food allergies, any contact your body has with allergens results in hives, red marks, flare ups, stomach problems, etc. So you gotta be really careful with the products you choose to put on your skin. I hope this tutorial not only shows you how I do my makeup, but increases your knowledge about the struggles those with food allergies go through. This makeup tutorial is full of tips that help me create a clean makeup look, as well as useful information those with food allergies and eczema will find helpful. If you are interested in shopping cruelty free products that are not harming animals, a lot of the products I mention in this video are affordable and they will be a great start for you to start replacing your old makeup with the brands that truly care for not hurting others.

Moreover, take time to embrace your beauty. I know it’s fun to do our makeup, but take time to appreciate your natural beauty. Don’t rely on looks to feel pretty, instead nurture your soul and do good for others, so you are filled with kindness. We are all beautiful with or without makeup, do your makeup from time to time, give your skin a break, and invest in organic products that will take care of your skin.

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Let’s be kind to one another and don’t forget to embrace your natural beauty.

Love, Ingrid

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