About Me

Welcome to Wellness by IPINKIT.

My name is Ingrid, I am an LA based allergy friendly plant based recipe developer and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP).  I’m very grateful you are here and ready to take the needed steps to start your healing journey.

How My Health Struggles Started

I grew up with food allergies to tree nuts, peanuts, some seeds, and legumes. I also dealt with horrible eczema flare ups, I don’t remember ever feeling healthy. I spent my afternoons after school at the doctor, whether it was to treat my iron deficiency, the eczema rashes that covered 70% of my skin, allergic reactions, or the constant colds. I had a very weak immune system, but never questioned it because that was the life I was accustomed to live. To make things worst, I was part of the millennial generation who struggled with eating disorders, I was terrified to gain weight and was obsessed with looking as skinny as the models on TV and magazines that I stopped eating.

As a teen, I developed an allergy to shellfish, but my struggles with anorexia, eczema, allergies, and weak immune system didn’t change much. It wasn’t until I turned twenty five that I realized the terrible state my health was in. Due to my menstrual cycle irregularities, I accidentally found myself getting tested for food allergies just to be diagnosed with new ones: dairy, eggs, wheat, and soy… adding them to my ever-growing list of foods I couldn’t eat and surprisingly a “leaky gut” syndrome diagnosis.

Healing Myself

It took over a year for me to see a difference, but I learned to cook without my allergens, I healed my gut, reduced my digestive discomfort, regulated and transitioned to a painless menstrual cycle, reduced the occurrence of my eczema flare ups, gained 20 pounds, and most important maintained the healthy weight. My secret: food. Imagine the one thing I feared and struggled with all my life, healed me and it was because I started to be in tune with my body and feed it with nutrients for my bio-individual needs.

Once I did it for me, I knew I had the responsibility to help others in their healing journeys. This is why I chose to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to help you learn to listen to your body and provide you with individually tailored protocols that can help you thrive. Remember every healing journey is different, it can take months or years to feel your best and what works for others, might not work for you.

But the one thing I can affirm you is that the moment you choose to start your healing journey, you are giving your future self an opportunity to have the energy and good health you need to fulfill and work towards all your life goals.

I’m happy you are here and can’t wait to start walking alongside with you.

Love, Ingrid