Corn Free and Gluten Free Vegan Taco Salad with Shells

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I feel like no one can ever go wrong with a vegan taco salad, so in today’s video I’m sharing with you how make a taco shell mold, how to make gluten and corn free taco shells, and how to make top 8 allergen free beefless crumbles.

All those hacks will help you make a safe gluten free vegan taco salad. Due to my food allergies and restrictions I prefer to avoid some vegetables and oils, but this is one recipe you can easily customize as long as you know how to make the shells and the beefless crumbles, you’re good to go!

Download recipe:

If you’re new to ipinkit, I’m vegan with food allergies and in every video I share, I love to show you that is possible to live a plant based lifestyle with food allergies. I hope you find every video helpful and you become part of the ipinkit fam by subscribing to my channel.



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