How to Make Gluten Free Vegan Tiramisu

Today’s recipe is perfect for my sweet tooth lovers who happen to have one or multiple food allergies and restrictions. I’m sharing my gluten free vegan tiramisu, which is part of my top 8 allergy free recipes.

I made mine with a twist and decided to not add marsala wine, which is something you can add to your coffee mix if desired. I personally preferred to make it without this alcohol content, but don’t you worry it is a yummy and if you would like that content, then this is an easy adjustment in the recipe.

Alright, if you have been searching for egg free tiramisu, gluten free lady finger recipe or allergy friendly recipes, I hope this dessert becomes one of your favorites. Make sure to watch the step by step tutorial and then, download the written recipe:

If you have ever wonder if you can be vegan with food allergies, you are in the right place. With every video I share, I try my best to show you that is possible to choose a vegan lifestyle regardless of my allergies to gluten, soy, nuts, peas, lentils, and chickpeas. We just have to be a little creative, but it’s completely doable and I hope this video, my ebooks, and my playlists inspire you to eat more plants or even transition to a plant based diet.

Love you all so much and thank you for being here. I hope you stay with me for a very long time, so every week we can grow with new recipe ideas.



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