What I Eat in a Day Vegan with Food Allergies

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Today’s video is so exciting, I love sharing what I eat in a day healthy vegan vlogs, because I feel like it gives you realistic ideas on how my meals look. If you have a gluten allergy, soy allergy, nut allergy, and legume allergies, you have probably wonder if it’s even possible to go vegan.

At first it was challenging cause if you do a quick search, you will find videos like “What I eat in a day gluten free vegan,” “what i eat in a day soy free vegan,” or “what i eat in a day nut free vegan,” but you know what you will never find WHAT I EAT IN A DAY VEGAN WITH FOOD ALLERGIES TO SOY, GLUTEN, NUTS, CHICKPEAS, PEAS, AND LENTILS.

Sometimes, I think I’m lucky to be able to create recipes despite my allergies, I used to look for bloggers who had all my allergens and still managed to be vegan, but I never found them. I now love what I do and I feel lucky every time one of you reaches out and tells me that despite having multiple food allergies, you are now eating more plant based options or even greater you were able to add a dessert you missed so much back into your life.

Alright guys, these are all the links I mentioned in the video:

* MY TOP 8 ALLERGEN FREE VEGAN COOKBOOK, use code IPINKIT for 10%OFF: https://payhip.com/b/2t4a

* How to make a bean soup: https://youtu.be/1-CA9ravuKc?t=82

* How to make gluten free vegan pumpkin spice waffles: https://youtu.be/2b6aEXzBsQo

* My waffle maker: https://amzn.to/3k9Br0H I hope you love this vlog as much as I enjoyed filming it.

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