Nut Free and Gluten Free Vegan Oat Cups with Chia Pudding

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Today, I’m sharing an easy recipe you can make to start your mornings. Continuing with my vegan breakfast ideas healthy series, I want to introduce you to my beloved gluten free vegan oat cups recipe. If you happen to be allergic to nuts, this nut free oat cups recipe will steal your heart!

Not only are these vegan breakfast cups delicious, but this recipe is top 8 allergy free. Within the video, I’m also sharing how to make chia pudding with oatmilk, however, you can substitute for any other plant based milk option. I made chocolate oat cups, but again if you prefer to change the chocolate for any other flavor feel free, remember you can always customize recipes to fit your dietary preferences.

Vegan Oat Cups with Chia Pudding.png

Top 8 Allergen Free Vegan Oat Cups Recipe Card

I really hope you find my space super safe and you get inspired to eat healthy with me. If you have any questions, I really hope the recipe video helps you to follow step by step how I made this delicious cups. Remember to subscribe before leaving, so you continue to receive meal ideas every week here:

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Nut Free Vegan Chocolate Oat Cups

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