Full Day of Vegan Meal Ideas – Gluten Free, Nut Free and Soy Free

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It’s been a few months since I shared one vegan food vlog of what I eat with food allergies. You know one awesome thing about eating a plant based diet is that you discover new veggies and fruits every single week! Thanks to this, I get to eat a variety of foods I would not have ever tried!

My dishes look like rainbows, like healthy rainbow food and I couldn’t love it more. Even though I am a vegan with food allergies, yes, I am a soy free vegan, nut free vegan, and gluten free vegan. My food allergies restrict me from eating processed food, which I think of it as a perk. Obviously, it is nice to not have to cook every single meal, just quickly grab something in the frozen section, but I can’t and it’s okay because I eat more whole foods plant based meals.

This what i eat in a day realistic video will show you creative dishes you can make at home, specially if you are staying indoors like I am during this quarantine. Just because we are in quarantine, it doesn’t mean we cannot eat healthy. Instead, this is the perfect opportunity to adopt healthier eating habits and to fall in love with our food. If you have all my food allergies, you will feel identify in this vlog and if you don’t have them. you will find new ways to add more color into your everyday meals. If you have eczema, this is a glimpse to my eczema diet, yet I have more videos sharing other meal options, as well as my personal story in healing my eczema naturally.

Love you all so much. Thank you for watching, subscribing and sharing my video with your friends and family.



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