Gluten Free Vegan Chicken Nuggets | Under 15 Minutes Recipe

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A few weeks ago, I started testing a gluten free vegan chicken nuggets recipe and I shared some behind the scenes on my Instagram. I was so surprised with the amount of responses I received of all of you who wanted me to share the recipe, so here it it!! Finally, this quick vegan snacks recipe can be done under 15 minutes, the fried mushrooms taste like chicken, I know I know how can they taste like it, but I promise you will love this vegan nuggets recipe.

If you are new to my channel with every recipe I share, I try my best to show you how I get to be vegan with food allergies, specially gluten free vegan, nut free vegan and soy free vegan. I know it can be challenging, but the amazing perk is that you can do it and eat healthier when avoiding processed food. So really, instead of buying already made meals I cook them at home to ensure they are allergen free and safe for me.

For this mushroom nuggets recipe or gluten free vegan chicken nuggets, I wanted to share with you how to cook fried mushrooms in air fryer, however, in case you don’t have one you can still make this recipe in a regular pan.

These are the ingredients I used to make this recipe:

List of ingredients for gluten free vegan chicken nuggets.png

Can’t wait for you guys to try this easy vegan and allergy friendly recipe, the best part is that you can make it under 15 minutes.



Gluten Free Vegan Nuggets

Gluten Free and Soy Free Vegan Nuggets.png

Gluten Free Vegan Fried Mushrooms.png

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