How to Make Dairy Free Tomato Cream and Gluten Free Lemon and Herbs Potato Crisps

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I have two easy recipes for you today, which will be perfect for those lazy days when we have little energy to cook and we settle down for a comfort food. If you are new to my channel, welcome!! I am a vegan with food allergies, so every single recipe I share in my channel is soy free vegan, gluten free, nut free, sesame free, and pea free.

In today’s video, I am sharing how to make a dairy free tomato cream (or vegan tomato soup recipe) and homemade potato chips. If you have looked at the labels of most of the potato chips sold, you will quickly realized that they are not gluten free or soy free. This is why I wanted to share my gluten free potato chips recipe, they are so crispy and taste like lemon with herbs.

Yet, you know me I have to provide two methods to make them, so in this video I am also testing the healthy potato chips air fryer recipe versus the homemade potato chips microwave recipe, I personally prefer to call them homemade potato crisps because they are so crunchy and the name truly just stayed with me after living in London. I hope you find these easy healthy gluten free recipes very helpful and if you have any food allergies make sure to let me know below, so we can connect and I can keep your allergies in mind for future recipe adjustments.

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