5 Things To Do During Quarantine that Connect You To The World

First of all, let me start by telling you that I am grateful I have the luxury to stay at home, where I can be surrounded by my loved ones during a time that feels so uncertain. This year I had decided to take the leap of faith and start my own business, for which I saved money last year and I booked a plane ticket that was gonna take me in a journey through Southeast Asia.

My plans have shifted a lot since covid19 was declared a pandemic, but in a time where the world is suffering, I am grateful for the blessings I have and I keep thanking God for having me prepared for the changes and bringing me close to my loved ones. However, my adventurous soul can’t let go of the thoughts of exploring the world and getting immerse into new cultures, so I thought I can’t be the only one… this is why today I want to share a list of five things you can do at home that will help you get connected to the world without leaving your home.

 1. Take an art class from the country you where going to visit

Last year, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Bali and my best memory from this trip was learning how Balinese dye fabric with a traditional technique called Batik. Not only did I learned a new technique I had no idea it existed, but I made friends with the locals and I know if I were to go back there is an art studio waiting for me in Bali with open arms. Let me share this experience with you, so you can try it at home:

What you will need to start learning Batik at home:

2. Learn how to cook a dish from another country

A few weeks ago, me and my grandma veganized one of my favorite recipes from El Salvador. If you have never tried empanadas, this recipe will sure steal your heart. It’s perfect for breakfast, dinner or a coffee break. Make sure you substitute the milk for whichever plant based option works for you.

3. Learn a new language

Alright, my french is not it’s best and I was already practicing, so I can be ready to have fluent conversations next month in Paris. Well those plans have been postponed, but I can still take my classes online and keep practicing this beautiful language.

A few things that have helped me to keep practicing my french is watching series on Netflix with subtitles on, watching YouTube videos, listening to french songs, etc. So take advantage of this time and learn that new language you’ve been wanting to master.

Tip: kindle has a free e-guide that can help you learn your favorite language, this following link is for the French guide: https://amzn.to/2UkWraV

4. Take virtual tours of museums and plays

You will be surprised to learn lots of museums are offering free virtual tours and access to plays to keep you and the little ones entertained at home.

One of my favorite museums in the world is The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, which is currently displaying it’s art here. In addition, I have a fun guide that will take you through the streets of Amsterdam and help you get connected, so when we are able to travel you get to experience this beautiful city.

Make sure to review my YouTube channel to watch more travel guides that will help you explore the world at the comfort of your home.

5. Make a travel shadow box to display your travel memories

A few months ago, I shared how I make my own travel shadow box with $3. It’s an easy to way to keep our memories displayed in one place and it also helps us to reminisce all the fun we had during our trip.

So now you know, there is no excuse to be bored at home. We can bring the world to our home and once the world heals we will be able to enjoy our travels again.

I hope this list and videos inspire you and keep you entertained at home. If you loved them, please subscribe to my YouTube channel here and follow the blog to keep getting inspired with me in the future.

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