How Are Vegetables Grown | Tanaka Farms Experience

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Last year, when I was first diagnosed with new food allergies I got interested in learning how my food was produced. I wanted to read more food and health related articles to learn exactly what was I eating and the effects those foods will have in my body. The more I read the more aware I became of the vitamins and minerals I was missing. The more I read, the more careful I became to feed my body with foods that will not create any harm. Not only this, but I also learned that my actions were causing harm to the environment. This is why I am so excited to share this video with you.

A few weeks ago, I visited Tanaka Farms and had the experience to pick up my own veggies. I learned how vegetables are grown depending on the season and I look forward to continue to go here to pick up my fresh vegetables. If you live in Orange County this is a great option to get your vegetables locally and if in the future you visit Los Angeles, now you know where you can come to get fresh vegetables.

Also, this is a great educational resource to bring your kids, I know with the current covid19 outbreak larger groups might not be possible, but do consider to visit in the future. I checked their website and currently they have the market available to buy fresh veggies every day.

Hope you all love this farm to table experience as much as I did.

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How are vegetables grown

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