How to Make Salvadoran Empanadas with Vegan Poleada

El Salvador might be a small country, but when it comes to its cuisine we have a range of sweet and savory traditional foods that every food lover will enjoy. One of the hardest things about developing food allergies as an adult is that you are unable to eat the food you grew up eating.

Empanadas is one of my favorite traditional dishes for breakfast or dinner, I used to eat 2 empanadas with a side of fried beans and a cup of hot chocolate, yet when I was diagnosed with a dairy and wheat allergy I had to understand eating traditional dishes was no longer an option or so I thought.

With the help of my grandma, we got creative in the kitchen and were able to veganized this recipe of sweet plantain empanadas. They are filled with creamy plant based milk or known as poleada in El Salvador and made completely allergen free. If you happen to have a dairy allergy, wheat allergy, and soy allergy, this recipe is top 8 allergen free.

I can’t wait for you to try it at home and fall in love with one of the traditional dishes from my beloved home country.



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