Best Vegan & Gluten Free Food in Amsterdam

Welcome back to I PINK IT! In today’s video, I’m excited to show you all the vegan restaurants I visited during my trip to Amsterdam. All these restaurant with the exception of one will make modifications to the menu to make your vegan meal also gluten free.

If you have food allergies, per EU regulations all these restaurants will list the allergens included in the menu. However, all these restaurants were able to accommodate my soy allergy, peanut allergy, and tree nut allergy. If you are a gluten free vegan, nut free, and soy free you will have the best time in Amsterdam. This city apart for being so green, it offers plenty of healthy options.

Also, you will notice all the food was so pretty to eat!! That is one thing you need to notice, Amsterdam is a pricey city, so eating here will not be cheap, yet it is so worth it. As it gives you ideas of meals you can cook back at home. I already tried to make the pink hummus and I can’t wait to soon share the recipe with you.

I hope you enjoy this guide and it gives you a better idea of what to expect when visiting Amsterdam. Whether you are vegan, gluten free, or have food allergies, this city will make you feel included and your tummy will be so satisfied with the delicious food. So add this destination to your future travel plans, I promise you won’t regret it.

P.S. For my pink lover, for those who will literally travel for pink, I was in cloud nine upon realizing most of the vegan restaurants have pink aesthetics and their dishes were pink and safe for me to eat… well, with the exception of the last one, but if I had to risk it that was worth it, for a moment I felt normal, until my body reminded me it process food differently.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy this guide and have the most fun eating out at the best vegan and gluten free restaurants in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Vegan Gluten Free GuideBest Gluten Free Vegan Food in Amsterdam

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