London Travel Guide: Free Attractions and Gluten Free Vegan Food

Welcome back to I PINK IT! I am so excited to share this new travel guide with all of you! London holds a special place in my heart, so being able to return and find hidden gems and try delicious top 8 allergen free food is always a perk.

If you have never been to London, this video guide is going to help you to get familiar with the transportation system, attractions you can visit, and healthy food options you can try in London. If you have been in town before, but you think you are missing some hidden gems or are looking to try new vegan gluten free food, then this video guide will also be helpful for you.

For those who are vegan, have food allergies, and gluten intolerance just like me, then all the places I visited are safe. I am happy to confirm I did not have any reaction to the food and can’t wait to be back to try some of the best vegan food I’ve had in my life! When it comes to vegan food, London never disappoints and when it comes to food allergies, restaurants are super friendly and the majority of vegan restaurants will accommodate food allergies. They have allergy cards and staff trained to help you order and prepare safe food.

I hope this video guide helps you to plan your London trip and the free activities give you ideas to add to your itinerary.

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Thank you for watching, sharing, and giving love to my new travel video. I hope you all fall in love with London, as much as I love this gorgeous city.



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