Best Gluten Free Vegan Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

Hi Guys!! Welcome back to a new I PINK IT video. I’ve been so motivated lately that I just wanna keep uploading videos on my YouTube Channel, so you will be watching more content each week.

Today, I’m introducing a new video series in my channel that will mainly focus on finding safe restaurants for food allergy sufferers.If you have visited my blog and watched my YouTube videos in the past, you probably know that I happen to have 7 out of the top 8 food allergies. I changed my diet to vegan gluten free and I’ve never been happier with my overall health. However, when you travel being vegan, gluten free, soy free, and nut free becomes a challenge, because your food options are limited and you don’t have full control on how restaurants prepare your food.

In addition to traveling with my EpiPen and a set of allergy pills, I’ve noticed that a LOT of vegan restaurants are so careful with food allergies. They truly understand cross-contamination and are extremely careful when preparing your food. Not only that, but they will have gluten free options and cook without oil, for those who have a soy and peanut allergy like me!

If you are vegan, gluten free, or have food allergies, I really hope this new series in my YouTube channel helps you to find safe restaurants to eat out, so you can enjoy your trip free of worries. As far as additional recommendations from the four restaurants I share in my video with you today, I will just recommend you to avoid going to regular restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. In most places, they will cook their beans with dairy (cheese and sour cream) and in others they may add cheese into your guac. I didn’t know this and I went through the worst eczema break-out during my trip and it lasted for three weeks, so if my bad experience can actually help someone prevent this from happening, I am glad I can use it to raise awareness now that my skin has healed.

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