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Even though it is been three months after I visited the island, I still dream I wake up in Oia to enjoy the marvelous sunrise. Santorini has become a very popular summer travel destination, so finding accommodation in Oia can be a little pricey.

Some tourists try to stay in Fira, as there are more options to stay there and then travel to Oia. However, the traffic to return from Oia to Fira can be hectic after sunset time. Thankfully, my friend was able to find us a really budget friendly villa in Oia, which made the transportation issue less problematic. In order to travel from the airport to Oia, you will need to hire a taxi service for convenience. You could also use the public transportation, but bus services would stop after certain times during the week. If you are planning a trip next year, make sure you check taxi options with your villa or hotel host.

The two options, my friend and I had to travel to Santorini from Athens were to travel by ferry or plane. If you haven’t checked my review of Athens, you could read it here. The easiest one for us was to travel from Athens, so we could later take the ferry to Mykonos from Santorini. The three places I have explored in Greece have stole my heart and my inner travel voice wishes one day I can move to Greece. Santorini is the perfect place to relax, so other than that you can enjoy the walks to the caldera, enjoy the nice food and views.

Once you find a cute villa, get ready to enjoy one of the best views you will see of the Aegean Sea. You can read below for detail information of where I stayed and see some amazing pictures of Santorini.

My villa

Our room villa had two bedrooms, one kitchen, one dinning room, one bathroom, and two terraces. As for the facilities, the villa had two pools with one of them facing the caldera view. Right in front of the villa there was a supermarket, which can be convenient if you are planning on cooking. Thankfully, our kitchen had cooking utensils and a fridge.


Both of our head pieces are from Athens.

Walking in Santorini

When pictures speak more than words… also, none of them are edited. Isn’t Santorini just beautiful?!

IMG_3549IMG_3568[1]IMG_3538IMG_3578IMG_3628IMG_3610IMG_3593 (2)IMG_3653IMG_3784IMG_3803IMG_3810IMG_3825IMG_3915IMG_3880IMG_3980IMG_4126IMG_4152IMG_4131

Till next time, Santorini. – Ingrid.

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  1. Oh I’m so jealous! Your photos prove Greece is just as beautiful as I’ve imagined it would be πŸ™‚ It’s my dream to visit and I’m going to have to make it happen one day πŸ™‚ Love the photos!!! πŸ™‚

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